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Would you like to enjoy one single glass of wine without having to fiddle with a corkscrew or bottle stopper? Would you enjoy sampling from different bottles without any waste?


Coravin products are perfect for you. Coravin is a unique system that pierces a thin needle into the cork and pressurizes the bottle for easy poring. When it’s removed the cork naturally seals.

Enjoy and preserve your wine with Coravin

The benefits of using Coravin products

• You can sample wine from one or various bottles without any waste

• They are simple and easy to use

• Wine never gets oxidized

• You will save money be preserving your wine



Coravin products make great gifts. If you're looking for other accessories for your home bar or for gifting, we also carry bottle stoppers, aerators, and more.

Stop by or call to learn more about our Coravin selections.


The Coravin System is the perfect gift for a wine lover

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